One expected more, a lot more, from Deadpool 2. After all, the film was coming close on the heels of the Blockbuster success of Avengers – Infinity War. Of course, all films can’t really replicate the kind of mega success that the superhero film has enjoyed all over the globe.


Still, if Avengers – Infinity War did a business of 94.3 crore over the weekend then one expected at least 60 crore to come from Deadpool 2 during the entire week itself. After all, the genre and target audience are the same for both the films.

Box Office - Deadpool 2 has a fair first week
Deadpool 2 Box Office Collections Of 1st Week: A Fair Run!


However that didn’t really happen and the film just about managed to reach the 48.18 crore mark in its first week. Now even that may have been okay had the opening day collections been in the range of 6-7 crore. The fact though is that Deadpool 2 had a good start of 11.25 crore and hence one expected greater momentum to be picked up in days to come. That didn’t really happen as the weekend was flat and from there on the weekdays saw a dip too. As a result, the numbers have been just about okay when one expected a much better result.

The only explanation that one can have around such result is that since the film is A rated, a major section of audience was eliminated at the entry level itself. Otherwise the reviews as well as the word of mouth were favorable for the film and hence there were no real issues from the content either. One just hopes that this was an aberration when a well deserved film couldn’t really cover the kind of distance that it should have.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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