Aamir Khan starrer biographical sports drama Dangal added more money to its kitty at the Chinese box office. The film collected $ 2.51 million (16.21 crores) yesterday and now stands with a grand total of around 810 crores. Apart from this, the film has also raked in 31 crores in Taiwan. The film has grossed around 1043 crores at the overseas and has become the 1st Indian film to achieve this feat.

Dangal currently stands with a global total of 1585 crores at the box office. The film will cross the 1600 crore mark by today or tomorrow.

Dangal Box Office
Aamir Khan’s Dangal Crosses 800 Crore Mark In China

Dangal has become the 2nd Indian film to cross the 1500 crore mark worldwide after Baahubali 2. Though, Superstar Aamir Khan says it’s unfair to compare his film Dangal with S.S. Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2: The Conclusionas both of them have their own space.

“I am really happy that ‘Dangal‘ is getting appreciated in China and all over the world. I don’t think we should compare two films. ‘Baahubali 2‘ is a very successful film. I haven’t watched it yet but I am hearing a lot of good stuff about it from everyone around me. I would like to congratulate Rajamouli and his entire team.”

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Dangal is directed by Nitesh Tiwari and it is produced under the banners of UTV Motion Pictures and Aamir Khan Productions. The film also features Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sanya Malhotra, Zaira Wasim, Suhani Bhatnagar and Sakshi Tanwar in key roles.

In the past, Aamir’s 3 Idiots and PK did well in China. In fact, PK was the first Bollywood film to mint over Rs 100 crore in China and it had done so in 16 days back in 2015.

A biopic of former Indian wrestler Mahavir Phogat, “Dangal” had also resonated well with the Indian audience, generating over Rs 385 crore ticket sales upon its release in India.


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  1. FAKE FAKE FAKE written all over it. It is unbelievable what JEALOUSY and INFERIORITY COMPLEX can do to a HUMAN. That too one who has achieved so much SUCCESS and MONEY. AMIR KHAN has already been put to dust by BB2. PERMANENTLY. And now he himself has put to dust his CREDIBILITY and RESPECT. PERMANENTLY. He just proved that public has NO REASON to believe that any of his earlier records were TRUE. And goes without saying that all his future records would have NO MEANING. In fact if he can do such a thing then others too. Like NANGA and SRK. Public should have nothing to do with these FAKE KHAN STARS and their SUPER FAKE RECORDS. Anyway their records have a huge contribution from MUSLIM AUDIENCE and HOLIDAYS. So they are FAKE anyway. Only MUSLIM AUDIENCE will keep JUMPING about these FAKE records. And as far as MUSLIMS are concerned their THOUGHTS and BELIEFS are LAUGHABLE. As the whole world knows already.

    • Hey moron, the China Box Office numbers, unlike the manipulated numbers in the Indian Box Office, are released by the Chinese Government. Not only is there no chance for the numbers to be fake, but also everything from ticket prices to number of screens are regulated. Keep your bigotry and hatred to yourself. People like you give Hindus a bad name. Shame.

    • Hey, I am a Chinese. I watched it last week. I don’t know why you think it’s fake. actually, 810 crores is already an old number, because it’s increasing. I don’t think it’s the best India movie(I like 3 idiots more). But this is a good movie.

  2. Just tell me one thing..what is wrong with Dangal… is the film bad?…not acted well?…not directed well?. So if the movie is being appreciated or liked by overseas viewers resulting in good money…why ur a$$ in on FIRE??

  3. Do not mix same with religion, Hindi film industry is inclusive of people of all faiths, states and now nationalities too. Know that movie has been enacted by Amir not owned by him alone.
    I agree that Dangal current publicity seems out of place.. I am sure they are not showing movie in China in Hindi language alone. Hence if Dangals all language success can be considered then Bahubali’s all language success should be considered.
    Irrespective of above Amir is good actor and this all Faith division is by Media… Ignore it.

    Both movies are great in their respect. Note that in both the movies as said earlier, people of all faiths, states and now nationalities too, have put in their hard work, so it is their teams sweet success.
    Do not turn your mind bitter for someone else success.. cheers

  4. R u mad. Amir Khan Never tell a lie. He is Mr Perfectionlist. He is superstar. Go china and check the Dangal movie collection in China. Dangal is everywhere in China. Amir Never manipulate his movies bussiness. Do u pk pk movie ka sara collection hollywood movies ka jo collection dekhti hain use company ne Kiya tha. Aaj tak kisi bollywood celebs ne aaisa nhi kiya. Ok got it

  5. Bahubali2 max collection was from Indian box office… Dangal collected more from overseas. I mean that overseas know what is world class film… And other country media made report only bcoz it’s collection not for its a world class movie… Clear it

  6. I stay in China…The above numbers are being spread by the makers of Bahubali. They want to portray Amir Khan as a bigger star compared to Prabhas.

    I’m kidding..My above comment is just for fun…..

  7. Here in China people saluting Indian flag for a outstanding movie which they never watched or dream to make.laticharge at theatres which never seen even for Chinese movies.
    Advance booking over for next 3 weeks no tickets available in current bookings that’s the craze
    Hope Indian media should cover this rare event just like bahubali.


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