The impossible has happened! Dabangg has opened to unprecedented houses in several parts of the country today. The initial is, by far, the best this year so far. It could also turn out to be the best or, at least, one of the best ever!

Sample these:

The Salman Khan starrer was released in 11 cinemas of Allahabad, which, in itself, is a record. What’s more, it drew the first shows at all the 11 cinemas full!

In Jodhpur, Abhinav Kashyap’s maiden directorial venture opened to thunderous response at not three but five cinemas. And the opening figures are historic. Ever since Salman got into legal trouble in the black buck hunting case in Jodhpur, his fan following in the city has grown manifold. Strange but true! Even then, the first day’s collections there are unbelievable. The only multiplex of Jodhpur – Bioscope – has drawn all shows full for the day. At Anand cinema of Jodhpur, which has, for years, screened films only after their run at the good cinemas of Jodhpur is completed, that is, only after two, three or four weeks of the release of films, Dabangg opened today itself. And believe it or go to Jodhpur to check it out, all the five shows of today are house full.

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At a small station like Wardha in C.P. berar, the film opened at two cinemas, which is not unusual. But what indeed is unusual is that it collected Rs. 1,01,000 at one cinema (Durga), which is a record for Wardha. In other words, no film to-date has netted a lakh of rupees on the opening day.

In Nagpur, an ‘A’ class centre of C.P. Berar, the film opened in all the four multiplexes and five single-screen cinemas. The first two shows at each of the five single-screen cinemas were full, again an unparalleled feat. The last two shows of the day may also be full, but the figures are yet to come in. The opening day’s collections in the multiplexes of Nagpur are also phenomenal.

The story is the same whether it is Bombay, Delhi, Pune, Lucknow, Kanpur, or smaller centres like Raipur, Ajmer, Aurangabad or anywhere else. Clearly, the Dabangg epidemic had the nation in its grip; and the patients seem to have found their cure in Dabangg the film.

The response in the theatres is to be seen to be believed. People are going wild with excitement, applauding Salman’s dialogues and action scenes, dancing in the aisles or even on their seats on the Munni badnaam huyi song. Crowds of hundreds of people without tickets, well after the show has begun, is a common sight at many cinemas screening the film. And today is not even Eid. Imagine what the position will be tomorrow when the devout Muslims, who may not have gone to the cinemas today, clamour for tickets to see their favourite Salmanbhai.

Indeed, a great Eid for the Khan khandaan as well as the Hindi film parivaar!

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