Both the releases this week had weak openings at the box-office. The dull initial of Crook this week has surprised many in the trade. The Emraan Hashmi starrer had a below average opening and though it did well in East Punjab, it was weak at most other places. Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh’s film Do Dooni Chaar had very dull publicity and consequently had a poor opening. The animation film Lava Kusa was no different with its so-so publicity and dull opening.

Box Office: ‘Crook’ Disappoints, ‘Endhiran – The Robot’ Picks Up

Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor’s love story Anjaana Anjaani did very well in the weekend but dropped badly thereafter. It had a total 19,78,61,043 from 349 cinemas. Robot (dubbed) picked up on the 2nd day after a slow start, and remained steady at medium collections after the weekend. The sci-fi thriller has found acceptance all over India despite starring Rajnikant with a total 7,59,42,082 from 330 cinemas. Khichdi The Movie has been well appreciated in areas with large Gujarati population, but has not done well elsewhere. It gathered a total 2,90,85,486 from 233 cinemas. Benny And Babloo has flopped miserably with a total 4,46,580 from 46 cinemas.

Dabangg continues to do well even in its 4th week. It collected a total 2,56,44,258 from 296 cinemas.

Detailed collections:


No.FilmWeekCollections (Rs.)No. of printsAverage per print (Rs.)
1Anjaana Anjaani1st19,78,61,0433495,66,937
2Robot (dubbed)1st7,59,42,0823302,30,128
3Khichdi-  The Movie1st2,90,85,4862331,24,830
5Benny And Babloo1st4,46,580469,708
6Resident Evil 4: Maut Ke Baad Bhi…(dubbed)4th58,146511,629

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