Last week’s release Tumhari Sulu has been shown a stable trend on weekdays which was the need of the hour. Starring Vidya Balan and Manav Kaul in leading roles, the movie is finding its connect with the audience on lower levels.


Tumhari Sulu has done well on Tuesday as there was no drop whatsoever when compared to Monday. The film actually managed an additional 1 lakh as 1.85 crore more came in.

Tumhari Sulu Box Office
Box Office Update: Tumhari Sulu Has Good Hold On 1st Tuesday

The film currently stands at 16.56 crore and is now poised to go past the 20 crore mark after the first week. Though anything over 2 crores on a daily basis would have been much more ideal for the film, the current levels are also good and the makers would be hoping that there is no major dip today and tomorrow.


With uncertainty around releases taking places on the coming weekend, Tumhari Sulu should manage good count of shows in the second week too that should keep it well in the running.

Vidya Balan who was critically acclaimed by everyone for the film says Indian culture wants people to be sexual only in the institution of marriage and for reproduction.

The actress says it takes away the joy of intimacy. So, she wants to give out a message: Sex is a feeling, not a taboo.

“It feels funny how inspite of being the most populated country in the world, we still don’t talk about sex openly,” Vidya said in a statement.

“The idea of sex is looked down by people because Indian culture wants us to be sexual only in the institution of marriage, for purposes of procreation. But the whole feeling, the joy of intimacy, pleasure and fun is missing,” added the actress.





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