Padmaavat has enjoyed a very good third week at the box office. The film has now collected 268 crores* and that is a very good number considering the fact that the first week numbers were 150.50 crores.


This is the best trending for a Bollywood film which has entered the 200 Crore Club and the Sanjay Leela Bhansali flick is now set for bigger glories.

Box Office - Padmaavat inches closer to Dhoom: 3 lifetime
Box Office Update – Padmaavat Inches Closer To Dhoom: 3 Lifetime

Dhoom 3 lifetime of 284 crores is now not too far away and what has to be seen is whether that milestone is accomplished by the Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor starrer by the end of the fourth week itself.


All said and done, the record is pretty much for the taking as the film is now set for a 290 crore total for sure.

Though 300 Crore Club is a really far target, the film can still take solace from the fact that it has managed to come so close despite not even seeing a proper release and that too amidst so much of trouble.

Rest assured, the film could well have challenged Dangal lifetime [387.38 crore] had it seen a release across all states.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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  1. I dont think its a kind of movie which can challenge dangal no.s…infact it was because of protest tht its collections are so high..otherwise it could be wrapped up between d range of instead of creating hype of all india release..better sticks to d fact..

  2. Yes,, its a well made great film, n we always want to see much masterpieces made in bollywood, but still it wont be able to earn this much had it not being in the contoversies n news for so many days,,the fact is the protests n cases made againsts the movie worked in favor of it,,, n

  3. This movie seriously is a major bore. Not trying to bring it down but just a fact that it has been propelled because of controversies and NOT because of its own due. Had “PadMan” and “Aiyyary” not been generous enough to have given it 2 weeks to be run, this movie would have been a major disaster because only through one week it made around 160Cr. The artists’ performance are devoid of any passion. The whole movie is just an attempt to make money out of controversies and Bhansali knew it all the way.


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