Not only has Kites bombed at the box-office but its international version, titled Kites The Remix, has also flopped miserably. It is common knowledge that the international version of the Hrithik Roshan starrer was specially edited by Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner to suit the tastes of the crossover audience. As against a running time of 2 hours, Ratner’s version has a running time of 90 minutes only. The international version was released in the US and UK on 28th May – that is, a week after the original Kites opened the world over. While the 2-hour film couldn’t record impressive grosses, the international version fared even worse. With the international version of My Name Is Khan not having worked earlier this year and now, with Kites The Remix having been rejected by the crossover audience, does it mean that Bollywood films are a strict no-no for the non-traditional audience? Seems so!

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