There are two distinct films releasing this Friday – Simran and Lucknow Central. Both films are primarily word of mouth affairs and hence one can’t expect beelines in front of theaters from the first show itself.


Let’s talk about Simran first. It is an out and out Kangana Ranaut film and though it has been news for about a year now, last couple of weeks have been more about Kangana and less about the actual content that director Hansal Mehta is bringing on screen. That said, what matters is that ultimately the film should be spoken about and if Kangana as the marketing peg helps bringing in footfalls, it is pretty much fair.

On the other hand Lucknow Central boasts of an interesting promo and though one would have liked to see a lot more of the film as well as its central protagonist Farhan Akhtar during last few weeks, it would all boil down to how those initial set of audiences react to the final product. This one has an interesting premise, that of a jail break, and such movies can actually gather pace if the overall treatment is good.

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Overall though, none of the two films are expected to take a massive opening and are actually dependent on the urban audiences who would be stepping into theaters towards the evening shows. From the opening perspective, both should start in 2-3 crore range. Though this isn’t optimal since the credentials warrant a better score, the fact that audiences today have become more and more wary about catching a film during the first few shows itself and actually wait for word of mouth means the trend is definitely here to stay.

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