First major clash of 2014 is taking place this week, what with three notable films – Gulaab Gang, Queen and Total Siyapaa taking on each other. Incidentally, each of the three films was originally looking at arrival on an earlier date and it is just coincidental that they are all releasing on the same day. Though Gulaab Gang got stayed by the court, history shows that seldom has a film eventually not released due to such issues. One truly believes that in case of Gulaab Gang too, all would settle down and the film would make it to the theaters this Friday.


The good thing is that each of these belong to different genre which means audience would have a lot to pick and choose from. Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla starrer Gulaab Gang is an action-drama which has been in news for a year now and is carrying good vibes around it. Queen is a slice of life affair and is riding on Kangana’s comic timing which is said to be superb here. On the other hand Total Siyapaa is a situational comedy which is a remake of a successful international film.

Gulaab Gang, Queen and Total Siyapaa Movie Poster
Gulaab Gang, Queen and Total Siyapaa Movie Poster

All of this means that it would be an interesting clash at the box office with each of the three films carrying good enough chance to find an audience on the basis of their eventual content.

A start of 30%-40% is on the cards for each of these which means once word of mouth starts spreading, one or more of these films would see a rise over the weekend and grow further. Since the costs are controlled for the three films due to their mid-budget setting, there is a good chance for all to scrape through.

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