Last week’s release, Golmaal 3 had opened to very good houses at places and outstanding houses at others, in spite of Diwali day when Hindus are busy with festivities. Action Replayy, however, did not open well at all.

Action Replayy Movie Poster, Golmaal 3 Movie Poster

On the whole, Golmaal 3 is an average fare. Although there are some hilarious sequences, the lack of an engaging story and the mismatch of comedy and sentiments in the drama will come in the way of its long run. Collections will drop after the initial euphoria dies down and the festive period and encashment of the Golmaal brand are done with. Business will be the best in Gujarat-Saurashtra. Publicity: excellent, quantitatively speaking; good, qualitatively speaking. Opening was superb everywhere.

Action Replayy has entertainment for the families and masses. However, its middle portion is very boring. It has taken a very dull start (because of Diwali day when collections are low) and although it has the merits to pick up, its overall business will be poor for two reasons – its initial is weak, and it has the opposition of Golmaal 3 to face. Considering its heavy cost, it will prove to be a heavy loser. Publicity: very good. Opening was weak at most of the places.

All the releases of October 29th did dismally at the box-office. Maalik Ek is a runaway flop. Even its tax-free status in Maharashtra could not help it. Daayen Ya Baayen bombed. Piranha 3D (dubbed) is below the mark. Musaa – The Most Wanted is also a disaster. Nakshatra finds no appreciation whatsoever. 1st Jalwe Paris Ke (dubbed) is weak.


No. Film Week Collections (Rs.) No. of prints Average per print (Rs.)
1 Jhootha Hi Sahi 2nd 1,80,78,809 231 78,263
2 Rakht Charitra 2nd 1,13,53,210 266 42,681
3 Robot (dubbed) 5th 56,24,590 104 54,083
4 Hisss 2nd 52,32,062 149 35,115
5 Piranha 3D 1st 40,82,297 82 49,784

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