The producers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan’s MSG-2 The Messenger are elated. After showing exceptional confidence in the film by holding the Paid Preview show on Wednesday night that grossed an incredible 3.60 crore, the makers are now releasing it at over 1800 screens across India.


Advances booking in multiplexes and single screens, especially in Punjab and Rajasthan, is said to be superb, which is a good indicator of some craze that has been built in these territories.

Says Pankaj Khemka, OHM International, distributor East Punjab, “MSG 2 is poised to take a very strong start at the box office in our centers. Since the start of the campaign there has been tremendous buzz and this will convert to a historic start.”

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan in a still from movie 'MSG-2 The Messenger'
Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan in a still from movie ‘MSG-2 The Messenger’

Meanwhile Sanjay Marudhar, Marudhar Entertainment, distributor Rajasthan & CI is confident as well. He confirms, “The film has got a very strong advance and audiences are awaiting the release. We are getting some very good feelers.”

As is a known fact, the premier held in Gurgaon on Wednesday at the Leisure Valley park was a sell out and was attended by over 2 lakh people. Such was the state of traffic jams across the city that even national dailies covered it in good detail.

Ajay Dhamija, the spokesperson of Hakikat Entertainment (the banner which has produced the film) was understandably excited. He said, “I am overwhelmed with the response of the first show and I expect a similar response not just from other parts of India but also from the overseas.”

The film sees a wide theatrical release all over today and it would be interesting to see how it progresses from this point on.




  1. Here i want to Give 10 Point to MSG2-the Messenger out of 10 this is because :-

    1. MSG2 is Reality based movies r the need of our society n this movie is real story of
    uncivilization to civilization of Tribals

    2. MSG2-The Messenger broke d trend set of B-town n gave it its own definition of

    3. It showed dt movie can b super duper hit without expose of actresses, without any
    vulgarity, without double meaning dialogues, abusive words, cheap gestures n item songs…

    4. This movie turned d tables in cinemas n reserved a place for neat n healthy

    5. Millions n millions salute to such saint who z really a true social reformer saving
    today’s youth from downfall…

    6. Its a full entertaining which we can watch with our family and has lots of messages
    against social evils if people follow them then India can be best country in the world..

    7. MSG2 is youth of demand and its showing path for making india drug free….

  2. Wah Wah Ye movie MSG-2 Hmare Samaaj Ko Atchi Shiksha Dene Wali h ji Guru Ji Ka Atcha Kadam Smaaj Ke Liye Youth K Liye Salute To Guru ji


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