Enough has been said about the Joke that Joker has become but here is an interesting fact – Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger on it’s 4th Thursday made as much money as Akshay Kumar’s Joker did on it’s 1st Thursday. Yes you heard it right! The difference between the two movies is not one or two weeks but 3 whole weeks. It’s indeed a practical joke how this happened. As per early estimates of this Thursday’s box office both the movie did an approx business of 0.90 Crores. Even if the exacts are a bit different they won’t be to a huge extent.

Akshay Kumar In Joker Movie Stills, Salman Khan In Ek Tha Tiger Movie Stills
Akshay Kumar In Joker Movie Stills, Salman Khan In Ek Tha Tiger Movie Stills


Talking about the content of both the movie’s – Kabir Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger and Shirish Kunder’s Joker both weren’t blessed with what we call a “spectacular script.” It all comes down to one thing in Bollywood – “Star Power”. Salman Khan is nothing less than the key ingredient to a successful Bollywood flick. The same applies to Akshay, but it seems he’s not as effective as Salman.

Consider the opening day box office collections of Ek Tha Tiger & Joker and you will see a huge difference of about 7 times. When Ek Tha Tiger did 32.92 Crores on it’s opening day Joker made a petty 4.6 Crores. So does this determine that Salman has 7 times the star power of Akshay? We leave that to you for guessing!

Akshay’s switch from action to comedy indeed fared well for quite some time but till when is the question. Will OMG Oh My God! reinstate Akshay as the comedy king or shatter that image forever. We will have to wait to find out. But when we talk about star power, it seems none stands a chance in front of the Tiger’s Road.





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