Komal NahtaHas the music market crashed? Seems so! For, the audio rights of a costly, big banner, star-cast film have been acquired by a leading music company for a pretty low price. In normal circumstances, the rights should have fetched the producers at least a crore of rupees, but they have yielded a revenue of a few lakh of rupees only.

Know-alls in the film industry predict that after the music market, it is the turn of the satellite market to slump. Since the last two years, producers have been having a field day as satellite rights of their films are fetching crazy prices. This is because there is a lot of competition between three to four satellite television channels who, in a bid to increase their library, are paying unheard of and unrealistic prices to acquire films. Since there are no magazines which report on the revenues generated by the television channels when such high-priced films are telecast, nobody is looking into the losses being suffered by the channels. In fact, channels themselves are not forthcoming with the figures of losses/ profits they make by acquiring and telecasting films. But the fact is that many of the channels are bleeding on this count. A natural corollary to this would be an impending doom in the satellite market. Producers planning new films would do well to bear this in mind before taking the plunge. Forewarned is forearmed!

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