Now this was only expected thanks to the release of the much awaited Holly flick The Dark Knight Rises. Though both Cocktail and Bol Bachchan still show a steady grip on the Indian Box Office as of now, the first noticeable drops are starting. As of Tuesday Cocktail box-office earnings stood at 46.65 Crores and Bol Bachchan at 78.90 Crores.

Bol Bachchan and Cocktail Movie Poster
Bol Bachchan and Cocktail Movie Poster

Come Wednesday and Cocktail made approx 4.20 crores dropping about 15% as compared to it’s Tuesday box-office collections. Bol Bachchan made about 1.80 crores on Wednesday which was again a 10% drop as compared to its Tuesday box-office. Whereas Cocktail continues to do well in the multiplexes a major chunk of Bol Bachchan‘s earnings are coming from Single Screen Theaters in non-urban areas.

Bol Bachchan as of now stands at 80.7 Crores and Cocktail at 50.85 Crores. The chances of Bol Bachchan‘s touching 100 Crores look lean coz it’ll have to add another 14-15 Crores in it’s 3rd week. However, with the release of The Dark Knight Rises and all the positive reviews flowing in, it seems rather impossible. Both Bol Bachchan and Cocktail are sure to witness steady drops as the Dark Knight Rises to glory.

The advance bookings of The Dark Knight Rises gives us a fair glimpse at the steady fall that both the Bolly releases are about to witness. Almost all the metros across the nation are booked over 60-70% in advance for The Dark Knight Rises. The film is expected to give a good competition to The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Box Office Collections in India.

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