Besharam can be clearly seen dwindling at the domestic box office. The film saw a further drop on its 1st Tuesday as the collections stabilized in the range of 2 crores. The film’s total collections so far has accumulated to 52.30 crores at the domestic box office.

Pallavi Sharda And Ranbir Kapoor in still from Besharam
Pallavi Sharda And Ranbir Kapoor in still from Besharam


Appallingly disappointing, this film has been a blotch of sorts for Ranbir Kapoor who has been soaring high on success since Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani has seen a stark low with this film. Banking solely on Abhinav Kashyap’s ability to dish out a satiating and entertaining commercial film, Besharam went wrong because of an uninteresting screenplay.

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  1. How can a film earning 52crore be considered disappointing?

    Or is this another way of knocking down someone who is potentiallya threat to the other dominating actors!!

    • Ranbir is becoming a threat to Khans. Commercial success of this movie could get his position in top 3. Khans’ patrons did not like that.

    • bhai bhavesh it is disappointing bcz
      when there is Ranabir Kapoor U should expect high,
      when there is Abhinav kashyap U should expect high,
      when there is Highest Number of Screens in the history U should expect high,
      and when there is 21 crore opening day domestic earning U should expect high.
      Agar opening day k 21 crore minus kar dain to one week ka kya bacha?
      52.30 – 21 = 31.30 crores only
      I think u will now understand.


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