Baahubali 2 China Box Office: SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2 has been released in China last week. The opening day numbers were decent in the weekend but later the film is struggling to earn big there.

This franchise undoubtedly scored huge at the Indian box office but it seems that the film is not working the same way in China.

Baahubali 2 China Box Office
Baahubali 2 China Box Office Week 1: A Sad Let Down!

Talking about the box office collections, Baahubali 2 has collected USD $ 0.66 million on its first Thursday. These numbers show that the film is struggling hard to earn big! The film now stands at the total of USD $ 10.80 million (72.59 crores). Baahubali 2 might crash as Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War has released this week.

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  1. Bahubali: The Conclusion may be the most watched indian movie in India, close to 11 crore indians in india (all languages combined). Tribute to indian gods and excess dose of vfx with chest thumping and heart pumping action drama connecting all the indian all over inida. And this is the Killer for bahubali overseas. People have watched sci/fi and action blockbuster for quite some time now. Similiarly in China, they already have their own overdose of historical/ mythlogical characters. Why would they be interested. They are more interested in subtle indian sentiments like in dangal, bajrangi bhaijaan, hindi medium. They have no interest in over the top action melodramas.
    So you cant judge bahubali on overseas success as it definitely is the most “Indian” movie ever.
    Lastly imagine this scenario. In the opening shot Bahubali’s entry is heroic with “Rudrassa” background music. It gave you goosebumps. Then he moves aside the elephant and also worships ganesh. YOU feel all emotions here. Now what would Chinese make of this? “Rudrassa” may be translated to ” Just like shankar” and subtitle in italics may explain ganesh is elephant god. but in between translations not only you didnot get what it was trying to show, you missed all the fun. And The movie is full of such sequences.


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