Eros’ Anjaana Anjaani had been banned by the Central Circuit Cine Association (CCCA) and was, therefore, not supposed to be released in C.P. Berar, C.I. and Rajasthan this week. The CCCA had not registered the film because of which the exhibitors of the three circuits were to give the film a miss. After all, the distributors of Eros’ London Dreams had complained to the CCCA against Eros and Vipul Shah, claiming that their unrecouped advance amounts had not been refunded by the two of them. While Eros has maintained that Vipul would clear the dues as he had signed a letter to that effect, Vipul has argued that he was merely the film’s director and that he had signed the letter under duress as otherwise ‘London Dreams’ would never have released on the scheduled date. Vipul had, nevertheless, agreed to pay 50% of the claim if Eros paid the balance 50% as it (Eros) was the producer, having acquired a majority stake in the company of P.J. Singh who started out as the (first-time) producer of the film.

‘Anjaana Anjaani’ Released Despite Ban

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Anyway, in spite of the CCCA not registering ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ in favour of its distributors for C.P. Berar, C.I. and Rajasthan, the exhibitors of the three circuits went ahead and released it. The film was similarly before the Motion Pictures’ Association (MPA) in Delhi as the Delhi-U.P. distributor of ‘London Dreams’ had also filed a complaint against Eros and Vipul Shah for non-payment of dues. The MPA sought legal opinion and then ordered Eros and Vipul to clear the claim of the Delhi-U.P. distributor of ‘London Dreams’ in equal measure. However, the MPA gave the two parties 21 days’ time to make the payment, as a result of which ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ could officially open in Delhi-U.P.

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