Ajay Devgan in Singham & Salman Khan in Dabangg.
Ajay Devgan in Singham & Salman Khan in Dabangg.


Singham has created records in 1st week at most of the ‘B’ and ‘C’ class centres of Maharashtra. Even in an ‘A’ class centre like Pune, it has created theatre records in some single-screen cinemas. In other words, at places where it has created records, its collections are better than those of Ready and Dabangg. In all, it has created records in more than 50 cinemas!

Singham’s Box-Office Records: Fact File

  • The Ajay Devgan starrer has recovered in the first week itself almost the entire MG royalty amount paid by Bombay distributor Ramesh Sippy to Reliance Entertainment. It has collected a net of Rs. 21 crore from Bombay circuit! Break-up:- Bombay city & suburbs Rs. 4.54 crore; Thane Rs. 2.42 crore; Pune Rs. 2.65 crore; rest of Maharashtra Rs. 2.43 crore; Goa Rs. 36 lakh; Bombay Karnataka Rs. 47 lakh; Gujarat Rs. 6.59 crore; Saurashtra Rs. 1.47 crore.
  • Singham has created a Chhattisgarh record for single- screen cinemas at Shyam, Raipur by collecting 9,37,828/- in 1st week. The first week’s share from Shyam is more than 8,25,000/-. Gross collections at Shyam are better than the gross collections at each of the multiplexes of Raipur, viz. Cinemax, Inox, Glitz and Krishna Big.
  • The film has created a theatre record by collecting 8,51,602/- in 1st week at Sangam Cineplex, Bhopal. It has also created a theatre record at Alpana Cineplex, Bhopal.

At a theatre in Chattarpur (C.I.), collections of Singham were better than the collections of each of Ready and Dabangg.

  • Ashta, a small centre in C.I., has a population of 40,000 only. Singham collected 1,73,983/- in 1st week at Anshay cinema of Ashta, which is the highest ever for any film.
  • Singham has created a city record by collecting 3,48,901/- in 1st week at Jagatdarshan, Guna (C.I.).
  • Singham has created city records in 1st week at Mahendra, Barawani (C.I.) and Vivek, Biaora (C.I.).
  • Singham has created a theatre record in 1st week at Mayur, Morena. It collected better than Ready.
  • Singham has created a theatre record in 1st week at Maharaj, Chattarpur (C.I.). Collection was better than collection of each of Ready and Dabangg.




  1. I don’t know why ajay is so underrated in bollywood.Other actor who have not much acting skill are still over hyped.Every One Knows Body building,Dancing are not great issue still Salman,Amir,SRK Are much Hyped.Salman Is very good person by Nature but when acting comes,He always overact,though he can do good acting.Amir Direction is best but acting is not so great.SRK is master in some fields only.But Ajay has perfect Acting,balence body,and is good guy by nature also then why public or media do not give attention as much as khans?

    • Mr Uday i agreed with word wrote by u… mr ajay devgn is super since his beginning & still continue.. ajay is only one man who has dont fear from all khans & other because he is most talented actor in b’town at present…. ajay sir u r greeeeeeeeettttttttt

    • True. Salman’s fans went to see his movie because Ajay is a friend of Salman. Salman’s fans asked one another on facebook to see Ajay’s movie because Ajay is Salman’s friend…so Sallu’s fans went to see Ajay’s movie – that why it did so well ..in my opinion. :-)
      Salman Khan is King Khan of Bollywood – Blockbuster King Khan Salman Khan …!!!


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