Transformers Movie Box Office

Transformers: 1st Week Box-Office

Transformers: Chand Ka Andhera (dubbed) has performed quite well. It was off to a flying start everywhere as it opened before Delhi Belly and Bbuddah…. The collections on Wednesday and Thursday were excellent for both, the original English (Transformers: Dark Of The Moon) and the dubbed Hindi versions. But once Delhi Belly and Bbuddah came, the Hollywood film started sliding downwards. Nevertheless, it has yielded excellent shares in the first week. If all the three dubbed versions (Hindi, Tamil and Telugu) are considered alongwith the original English version, the third in the Transformers series netted Rs. 17 crore in the nine-day week. At places, the week was of nine-and-a-half days as there were paid previews on Tuesday.

Double Dhamaal: 2nd Week Box-Office

Double Dhamaal slid quite a lot in the second week. Actually, a noticeable drop had started after the first weekend itself, giving an indication of what was in store for the Dhamaal sequel in week 2. As against Rs. 36.6 crore in the first week, the film netted only Rs. 7.2 crore in the 2nd week – that is, a drop of almost 80%! Of the Rs. 36.6 crore in the first week, the weekend alone accounted for Rs. 25.6 crore. While Reliance Entertainment will not lose in the comedy sequel, the distributors to whom it sold the rights of some of the circuits, will stand to make a loss of about 20% of their investment. This includes the distributors of C.P. Berar, C.I., Rajasthan, Nizam etc. The territories where the film is behaving better are, by a stroke of good luck being exploited by Reliance itself.

As against Rs. 36.6 crore in the first week, Double Dhamaal took a drop of almost 80% in week 2.

Another sequel, Bheja Fry 2, behaved much the same way as Double Dhamaal. It recorded good collections on the first three days but slumped noticeably thereafter. In its third week, it is, obviously, on its way out.

Anurag Kashyap’s Shaitan has won more critical acclaim than monetary rewards. Although the film was made in a limited budget, it will not be able to recover even that limited investment. In its 4th week, it has managed to remain afloat only in a select few multiplexes, that too, during the weekends.

Ready Seems To Have Exhausted Its Run

Salman Khan’s Ready has netted approximately Rs. 120 crore in five weeks. The trade scoffed at Ponty Chadha when he acquired its worldwide theatrical rights for Rs. 54-55 crore. But with the collections being what they are in India as well as Overseas, it is Chadha who is having the last laugh and also laughing all the way to the bank. Of course, the film seems to have exhausted its run now, thanks in no small measure to the opposition of some exciting films like Delhi Belly and Murder 2. Frankly, very few films can pull through for more than 5 or 6 weeks in today’s times of over-saturated release strategies.


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