Vinay Pathak is on a cruise on which rich businessman Kay Kay Menon is also there. Kay Kay mistakes Vinay to be the IT officer who is snooping on him. Circumstances make Vinay and Kay Kay spend a day together marooned on an island. Find out more in the review of Bheja Fry 2.

Bheja Fry 2 Review (Bheja Fry 2 Movie Poster)Business Rating: 1/5 star

Star cast: Vinay Pathak, Minissha Lamba, Kay Kay Menon, Suresh Menon, Amole Gupte.

What’s Good: The performances of the actors.

What’s Bad: The comedy which is hardly funny; the childish script.

Verdict: Bheja Fry 2 is not at all a worthy successor to Bheja Fry.

Loo break: Several in the second half.

Watch or Not? Watch it for the performances.

Watchtower Pictures’ Bheja Fry 2 (UA) is a sequel to Bheja Fry. Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak) is the same old dim-witted income-tax officer with a clean conscience. He wins a television game show and is invited on a cruise by the show producers who are celebrating the success of the very demanding game show. Kapoor (Rahul Vohra), the producer of the game show, also invites his close friend, Ajit Talwar (Kay Kay Menon), to the cruise party. Ajit is a rich businessman whom Kapoor is trying to rope in as the sponsor for his television show. Ajit Talwar is tipped off about an impending income-tax raid on his premises and he makes sure that incriminating documents are removed before the income-tax sleuths come in.

On the cruise, Ajit Talwar mistakes Bharat Bhushan to be the income-tax officer who is following him but it is actually M.T. Shekharan (Suresh Menon), a colleague of Bharat Bhushan, who has come on the cruise with the intention of tracking Ajit Talwar. Since Talwar thinks, Bharat Bhushan is that income-tax officer, he has secret cameras installed in his room on the ship so that he would be aware of the income-tax department’s every move. With the aid of those cameras, Kapoor and Talwar realise that Bharat Bhushan has a soft corner for Ranjini (Minissha Lamba), the executive producer of the game show. Talwar, a married man, also falls for Ranjini.

Ajit Talwar has Bharat Bhushan drugged and thrown into the sea (with a life jacket) so that he would be out of his (Talwar’s) way. But before Bharat Bhushan is thrown off, Talwar himself falls into the sea. Both of them wake up on a deserted island and are forced to spend a day together before help arrives. During that time, Ajit Talwar realises how good and noble a soul Bharat Bhushan is. He also realises his folly in assuming Bharat Bhushan to be snooping on him. Meanwhile, M.T. Shekharan reaches the island in pursuit of Ajit Talwar before the rescue team of Kapoor reaches there. On the island, Talwar, Bhushan and Shekharan meet Raghu Burman (Amole Gupte) and the two income-tax officers unwittingly blow up his house in an explosion.

Bheja Fry 2 Review (Bheja Fry 2 Movie Stills)

Bheja Fry 2 Review – Script Analysis

Sagar Ballary’s story is juvenile and the screenplay, penned jointly by Sharad Kataria and Sagar Ballary, looks like a mere assemblage of scenes meant to tickle the funny bone. But the unfortunate part is that the scenes hardly evoke laughter. The post-interval portion, especially, is quite scattered and even boring. Also, logic has been given a go-away. For instance, when an income-tax raid is on the cards, why would an officer of the department follow the person being raided? Frankly, why would a person, who is aware that an income-tax raid is imminent, leave the city unless he is fleeing with some incriminating documents? Wouldn’t he want to stay back to take charge of things? Also, Ajit Talwar having Bharat Bhushan thrown into the sea seems ridiculous because it is a departmental raid, not a personal raid he fears. And when there’s no hanky-panky business transaction he is going to do on the cruise, why is he so paranoid about the income-tax officer? Rather, armed with the knowledge of the presence of the income-tax officer on the ship, wouldn’t a smart man try to brainwash him into believing that he is above board? The entire tracks of Bharat Bhushan’s Viru chacha (Virendra Saxena) having an affair with a foreigner and of Raghu Burman are either too weird and unconnected or too outlandish to make any impact or create any mirth. Even Bharat Bhushan’s romantic overtures towards Ranjini fail to entertain. Dialogues (Sharad Kataria), which ought to have been the mainstay of the drama, are good only at places. The verbal duels between Bharat Bhushan and Shekharan have witty dialogues but they are also class-appealing.

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Bheja Fry 2 Review – Star Performances & Direction

Vinay Pathak does full justice to his role. He essays the character of Bharat Bhushan to perfection. Kay Kay Menon is very natural. Except in a couple of scenes, when he goes slightly overboard, his acting is praiseworthy. Minissha Lamba gets limited scope and goes through her role efficiently. Suresh Menon performs very well. Amole Gupte suffers on account of his weird characterisation. Rahul Vohra is okay. Aditi Gowitrikar, Rukhsar, Amit Behl and Virendra Saxena provide fair support. Rahul Singh has been wasted.

Sagar Ballary’s direction is average. That the script is dull is true but even his narrative style lacks the chutzpah needed for a film of this kind. Background music (Sagar Desai) is okay. Music (Sneha Khanwilkar) is fair. The lyrics of the single song (by Shakeel) are average. Parixit Warrier’s cinematography is nice. Editing (Suresh Pai) is okay.

Bheja Fry 2 Review – Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Bheja Fry 2 is not at all a worthy sequel to Bheja Fry. Since the film, designed as a comedy, does not create too much laughter, it will fail to make its mark at the box-office.


  1. Whatever the critics may write but I myself, for one, immensely liked BEJA FRY 2, although I had heard and read that the original BHEJA FRY was sort of a breakthrough in Indian cinema. Of course, the script drags many times in the second half and the ending could have been more practical… but these are to be overlooked in the total result of the outcome of this movie. Brilliant underplayed performance by Vinay Pathak.


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