This week saw the release of three films, O Teri , Dishkiyaoon and Youngistaan. Among the three releases, there were not much expectations since all three films are no exactly high on star value.


The morning occupancy for all three films remained similar, in the range of 5-10%. With a minimal occupancy in the morning, all three films seem to be going for a tough strife with the box office.

O Teri, Dishkiyaaon and Youngistan Movie Poster
O Teri, Dishkiyaaon and Youngistan Movie Poster

Since the Harman Baweja and Sunny Deol starrer Dishkiyaoon had a wider screen count compared to the other two, the film’s performance on the opening day may be better. All three being more of multiplex oriented films, it will be interesting to see which film will strike a chord with the audiences.

The films should pick up by the evening atleast. Since O Teri and Youngistaan are both on political undertones and Dishkiyaoon an action flick, the audiences will have to rely on the critics ratings to place their bet on the better film.

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  1. It is very common that bollywood movies without any big star or bold beauty ike Sunny Leone to achieve the huge earnings on day one even overall income

  2. Youngistan: A real bakwas movie, proven by the fact that there were just 10 chairs occupied in Fame GAnesh hadapsar pune on sunday show! The movie clearly appears to have been made in hurry to justify and Project RG. Possibly financed through huge publlic money looted for the past 10 yrs.Particularly to since times now _Arnav’s interview which is just 2 months old.has been recast. It is difficlt to imagine that 28 yr old PM of India does not bother to inform his GF that his father has expired.This is inspite of his beihg an IT prof.His big talks on new India like ‘Rat Mara hai ‘.wasted bucks for nothing


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