The gaali ka luchcha, that actor Ranveer Singh plays in Sanjay Bhansali’s next magnum opus Ramleela, went full throttle at the recent press meet held in Kolkata decoding why people should never miss watching Ramleela.


“My three reasons for watching Ramleela would be (pauses), let’s see, Sanjay-Leela-Bhansali and I say this with all seriousness. He is such a special director. He is a rare filmmaker who does films that somehow mesmerizes me and others as an audience. For me, when Mr. Bhansali makes a film, it is always special because his films are more like events, festivals in the country. Nobody makes films like him even now and I had already seen all his films previously. But now that we worked on Ramleela together, I understood why Ramleela is extra special to me. It is because now I know the process that goes into making a film. For me, as a lover of Hindi films, the three reasons would be Sanjay-Leela-Bhansali. Woh ek undha kisam ke director hai. He is a very hard task master but once he nichoros you, you let him squeeze every bit of yourself because you know that the results would be brilliant on screen. And that’s what people have been telling me after watching the film. I kinda cheated on the question although (Winks).”

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone at an event
Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone at an event

His on screen chemistry as well as his off screen rapport with our Heroine no. 1 Deepika Padukone has been making headlines ever since they went koochy-koo about their affair. Ask Ranveer about Deepika and he blushes with a wide smile drawn from ear to ear. “The most exciting thing for any actor would be to see himself or herself in new avatars and Deepika Padukone’s performance in the film will shatter previous benchmarks for sure. To get in to the skin of new characters each time, Deepika has been doing that so wonderfully all her life. From Veronica in Cocktail to Naina Talwar in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and following that up with a genre that you seldom see actresses trying because it’s a very hard task to make people laugh. To play Meena Lochini in Chennai Express and now Leela who is diametrically opposite to whatever she has played recently, she has gone past the North-South-West borders effectively and that’s her credit as a star. So you guys should watch Ramleela to see Deepika Padukone do something she has never tried before and once you come out of the movie theatre, I bet you would be immensely satisfied with what she has done in the film.”

Ask him the biggest USP of his upcoming film, considering his earlier venture, although critically appreciated bombed at the box office, he makes it very clear. “Numbers don’t mean anything. It is the audience’s appreciation and love that makes more impact on me. And everybody who has worked on Ramleela from Mr. Bhansali to Deepika to the technicians, cameraman, everyone including me have put in our heart and soul to this film and that shows. It is a very painstakingly made piece of art and it speaks volumes of the Heart and Soul that a Sanjay Bhansali film generally is made of”, signed our Lootera who is all set to don Ram with his Ramleela and make the country go Tatad Tattad with him.

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  1. YES ! ranveer ur are super duper too i see the dialouge promos , u and deepika gonna rock the nation on friday , yahooooo ! cant wait already book my tickets <3


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