What is the box-office fate of stale films when they are released?

Generally, such films stand a lesser chance of clicking at the box-office. However, if the staleness is not too evident and the script holds appeal when the film is released, it could still work provided, of course, the film is good.

Why is no big film releasing in the Independence Day week this year?

Because there is no benefit to be reaped in the Independence Day week as the public holiday falls on Sunday which, in any case, is a holiday.

How soon do audience tastes change? And how should a filmmaker keep track of the changing tastes?

Earlier, tastes used to change over a period of at least 10 years but today, they sometimes change on an annual basis. The best way to keep abreast of the changes is to keep one’s eyes and ears open, and watch all films and the reaction of the audience to those films. Unfortunately, many of our makers believe that they can keep track of the changing tastes without moving out of their ivory towers!

By Komal Nahta

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