Main gossip karna nahi chahti hoon but kya karu aadat se majboor hoon. I was wondering after so much Jhappi Puppi, SRK-Salman did public mein, inki dosti finally hui ya nahi? Some are saying all this was SRK kapromotional strategy to make his image seedha before Chennai Express releases while others are saying ki nahi re inki dosti is pakki done!


Done hua ya nahi we can only find out jab Eid aayegi. You no na SRK Mannat mein grand si Eid party dete hai. Agar he invites Salman and Sallu actually goes for it, then toh dosti is done for sure! Warna baaat abhi bhi dicey hai between them!

Salman Khan, Baba Siddiqui And Shah Rukh Khan
Salman Khan, Baba Siddiqui And Shah Rukh Khan

SRK is so zaalim ki kya bolu. He refused to even talk about jab promotional events pe journalists asked about the ‘hug’. Ab ye bhi koi baat hoti hai? How will I know what’s going on agar woh clarify nahi karenge toh!

But then again Salman is going to be in London during Eid shooting for Kick. Court-kutchery ke chakkar mein super delay ho gayi hai film and so he is going to tyaago all festivities and work tyohar ke din!

Pata nahin is working on Kick and staying away on Eid is genuine work issue or this is a diplomatic way of Sallu Bhai to taalo SRK ki dosti!

(Disclaimer: Koimoi does not take responsibility for opinions or views expressed by Gossip Aunty. To believe her or not is absolutely your choice. This is a purely humorous piece and doesn’t intend to offend anyone’s sensibilities or tastes. It is our way of poking fun at people we love!)





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