Watching Salman Khan rip his T-shirts on screen already has audiences glued to his films. Then what will happen when he tears 15 of them?

Will Salman Khan Break A Guinness Record?

If you had any steamy pictures in your head of Salman’s semi-strip, the news is too good to be true. Salman will be attempting to break the Guinness record by tearing off the maximum number of T-shirts in a minute. The actor will be a guest on his friend, Preity Zinta’s television show ‘The Guinness World Records Ab India Todega’. After hosting ‘Bigg Boss 4’ last year, Salman doesn’t seem to mind helping Preity on her show, even if it means showing off those rippling muscles.

While the current record for tearing the maximum number of T-shirts in a minute is 14, Salman will have to rip 15 if he is to be the new record holder.

Do you think Sallu can do it?

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