After the super success of the Temptations Reloaded concert and given SRK’s soothing persona and powerful wit, all his concerts were ones that we always looked forward to. And when you have Madhuri Dixit, Jacqueline Fernandez and Deepika Padukone in tow, coupled with Yo Yo Honey Singh, everything just falls into the right place! And trust me, nothing ever could have gone wrong. Not until yesterday!


While Shah Rukh Khan charmed and mesmerized his audiences with cheeky one-liners, his suave maneuvers and glittering moves, Madhuri wowed all with her scintillating performances. Deepika and Jacqueline looked simmering hot and dished out the perfectly sexy and shimmering glam quotient standing tall amidst a Khan and a Dixit. Dubai Sports City was brimming with over 10000 odd fans, ones who have paid in huge Dirhams to catch a glimpse of their favourite star. Shah Rukh, who is definitely the most sought after Bollywood star worldwide, definitely was one of the major attractions of the night. But hardly did the crew get a knack of the commotion that was about to happen.

Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit perform at Dubai concert
Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit perform at Dubai concert

People who paid over 2000 Dirham to sit in the front row and catch a closer glimpse of their favourite gliterrati, somehow got unruly as they started dancing and enjoying, blocking the view of the remaining crowd sitting at the back! Leading to a greater pandemonium, police officials had to finally intervene to curb the situation so that the concert went on well. The main reason for the commotion was found out to be the selling of more tickets than what the auditorium could actually pack in! Gosh. So much for SRK and his entourage!

Hardly a dampener to the spirits of the people, enthralled by the mesmeric Bollywood beauties, the frenzy got to the peak as Shah Rukh came on stage, performed and left the audiences bamboozled. Such was the situation that Meiyang Chang reportedly had to snub in and ask the audiences to be a little more patient for the show to resume back! Post midnight, it was the re-entry of SRK on stage that delighted the audiences as he called in few from the crowd to sing and dance with him, his ‘most favourite’ part of the show! The show ended with an enthralling dance off between SRK and Madhuri, one that will go down the walls of history and a medley of SRK’s songs from Om Shanti Om.

All in all, the show packed in quite a punch and despite the faulty seating arrangement and minor warts and moles here and there, SRK’s entourage left everyone bespectacled on the eve of UAE’s 42nd National Day! Such was the charisma of Bollywood spread through the concert, where Shah Rukh supremely reigned as the pièce de résistance for the unruly crowd as well. No one handles crowd better than this Khan! We bow to you.

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