In this time and age of where stars are an integral part of the marketing and promotion strategy of a movie, it’s surprising to come across a star like Rajnikant who refuses to promote his film Endhiran – The Robot. The reason? The south Indian superstar feels that it’s unnecessary to promote ‘Endhiran’ anymore because the film has already garnered enough hype with director S. Shankar and his name being associated with it. Rajnikant further adds that people will come to see the film no matter what. As with Rajni-Shankar’s last film, Sivaji – The Boss, his fans are sure that a blockbuster is coming their way.

PHOTOS: Rajnikant and Aishwarya in ‘Endhiran’

This does not mean that Rajnikant did not promote ‘Endhiran’ at all. The star graced as many as three music launches of the film, starting with one in Malaysia, then Hyderabad and the third in Mumbai. At the Mumbai music launch, Rajnikant had fans and reporters present in splits with his wry sense of humour. The actor even got his mentor and friend, Amitabh Bachchan, to be the chief guest of the Mumbai event.

RAJNIKANT: “Amitabh Bachchan is my inspiration”

It is indeed a refreshing change to see a star behave so down-to-earth, unlike Bollywood stars and media managers who have ushers and employees in theatres adorn their haircut (think Ghajini); go on Bharat yatras (3 Idiots); organize grand premieres in foreign countries (My Name Is Khan, Kites) or massive promotional juggernauts (Dabangg).

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Trailer Hype!
We have all heard myriad tales of the extent of hero-worshipping south Indian stars attract. Wait till you hear this one… Fans of Rajnikant were so eager to get a look of the trailer of his latest film that the ticket rates of the movie in which the trailer of ‘Endhiran’ was being released shot up from Rs.40 to Rs. 200! So while Rajnikant decides to keep away from promotions, his fans are proving his logic right.

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