Kareena Kapoor Khan at an event
Kareena Kapoor Khan at an event

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s career landmark film, Ramleela might have its fair share at the box office, raking in over 100 crores from the ticket windows. Laced with superlative performances from Ranveer Singh as the ballsy Ram and Deepika Padukone as the gutsy Leela, and well supported by the ensemble cast, Ramleela definitely caused quite a stir, especially when there was nothing much to offer with hugely disappointing films coming in one after the other. Nevertheless, as it was known that much before Deepika, it was Kareena Kapoor Khan who was approached to play Leela.


Kareena, who politely turned down the offer, let the media make news by speculating that she left Ramleela because of the no-pregnancy clause that SLB had in his contract. But now that the film has released and done exceptionally well, Kareena opened up to a leading daily about her career choices and how she has always been a hero among the heroines!

Wearing her attitude on her sleeve, this muhphaat Heroine has always done what her heart desired. To any third person, losing out on films like Kal Ho Naa Ho, Page 3, Fashion and Chennai Express might have deterred their growth in the industry, but Kareena made the bold step by refusing all these films instantly! Bold and gutsy, Bebo is one woman who has never regretted any of her choices or decisions. Having a strong mindset, she has always turned down offers which she never liked being a part of, although doing those films might have taken her to a different level altogether.

Once the queen bee of tinsel town, Kareena’s last three releases, Heroine, Satyagraha and the recently released Gori Tere Pyaar Mein! could not spark off wonders for her as an actress but she does not feel bothered about it all. An actress who never was apprehensive about rejecting a huge film, right from the time she made her debut in the industry, Kareena feels that she has been the only heroine who could say No to such films, and rather served them to her contemporaries to jump onto. She prefers being at home, chilling out and traveling exotic world locations instead of wasting her time on a film she does not believe in.

When asked about the main reason why she rejected a film with a director of the caliber of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, she immediately retorted back clarifying that the role did not interest her at all. She firmly believes that there is work for everyone and thus, losing out on one film would not take away her super-heroine tag from her. We do agree!

But for the sake of her fans, Kareena should definitely try to do something new! After all, whenever she tried the irregular, she has done wonders! And its high time, she does it again.

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  1. She is definately now a zero Heroine. Her time is pass and gone. Only her fans takes her serious, but The real Box office doesn’t take her serious. Which is dangerous for actress career

  2. LOL , sour grapes bebo , from ram leela film famous dailouge : ram said : leela jaise koi nahi , means deepika jaise koi nahi . GOT IT !

  3. It was nothing related to “no-pregnancy clause”. Her highly inflated ego didn’t allow her to work with someone new in the industry (Ranveer Singh). Check out the last movies she did – it was all about the biggies sharing screen space with her. So back then wasn’t the “no-pregnancy clause” viable?
    But it’s true – her career is fading now. Just keep track of her movies now – she’s definitely try female oriented movies only to satisfy her egocentric nature.


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