Manish Malhotra is best known for his designs on the gorgeous women in Bollywood. With all his years in the industry, the fashion designer must have a tome of insider news on the rivalry in the film industry.

But Manish Malhotra prefers to be diplomatic in an interview with Editor, Komal Nahta. When asked about the rivalry between stars, especially between female stars, he shrugs, “I was very busy. For example, I would sit for a discussion with Raveena Tandon and Manisha Koirala would call about some change in her dress. So I would have to finish my discussion with Raveena, leave the room and go sort out the problem with Manisha.”

But surely he must have come across some of the insider gossip. “I used to leave their gossip in their rooms. I never carry gossip. The world is a small place especially the film world,” is his stoic reply.

His eyes brighten up when he talks about fashion, “Earlier I used to concentrate on girls; heroes would wear their personal jeans and their own T-shirts. The whole “look” (phenomenon) came in now. I started styling and working on looks for the film. How could their hair be short in jeans and suddenly grow long in a sari?” he says incredulously.

Manish, who has worked with the biggest names in the industry like Rajnikant, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol for films like Endhiran – The Robot, My Name Is Khan, Om Shanti Om and many more, takes credit for making Indian clothes look glamorous and contemporary, especially for the NRIs. He reminisces, “I remember asking a veteran director about the story of the film and the director shouted back, ‘How dare he ask me the story!’ I know that directors find it absurd when I want to know the story, but I think that’s important. I love reading films and discussing scripts.”

Considering that Manish Malhotra is planning to make his directorial debut soon, we think he’ll know what’s best.

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