Baahubali 2: A 2017 phenomenon which will be remembered for years to come. Probably the most loved Indian film of 2017. But, the debate still remains the same: Why Baahubali 2 is considered as a Hindi film and counted in the list same as Bollywood movies. Many of you guys have asked the same question, let’s try and analyse what is the reason.


First of many reasons why Baahubali 2 is as Bollywood as any other movies are: number of screens. This movie was released on a massive 9000 screens worldwide from which 6500 screens were of our home country. So, if a movie has such a reach to make it release with one of the biggest numbers of screens; why consider it as a movie of not our stream?

Why Baahubali 2 Is As Much Of Bollywood Movie As South Indian Film
Why Baahubali 2 Is As Much Of Bollywood Movie As South Indian Film


Scoring 128 crores in the course of first 3 days is no small task for a movie of any language, Baahubali 2 achieved this. The major reason why we think Baahubali should also be considered as a Hindi movie is its collection. Out of 831.50 crores of the worldwide collection, 511.30 crores is India’s nett collection. It’s obviously not ‘just’ a south Indian film could’ve achieved this feat.

Footfalls or the number of people walked in theatres to watch a film – Baahubali 2 stands 2nd in the list of top movies having highest footfalls of all time in India. 5.21 crore people have seen Baahubali 2 which is higher than every Bollywood film apart from Hum Aapke Hain Koun. Salman Khan’s Hum Aapke Hain Koun, since 1994, still tops the list of highest footfalls with 7.39 crores people watching it. So, 5.21 crores people will not be just from the south to make this movie a blockbuster?

The success of Baahubali 2 has launched a platform for many more movies like 2.0 and other south-based movies. Not in a way the upcoming movies couldn’t have done without Baahubali 2 but with its help the reach has surely been maximised. So, Baahubali 2 is as much of Bollywood movie as it’s a south-Indian movie.




  1. The truth is that Bollywood is running out of ideas and it is getting no better. Today’s movies are just packed with loads of crappy stuffs. Franchises and sequels are getting dumber where filmmakers think they can still milk cash out from viewers just because the very 1st outing was successful. Then sadly, they have to rely on remakes of hit oldies or South super-duper hits (funny thing is that some of the remakes in hindi are flops, what a shame Bollywood!!). In order to launch new comers (nepotism suck, we all know now!!), Bollywood relies on hits from others states to remake them.
    Sorry but “Baahubali” is a South Indian movie and credit goes to the South ONLY!! Before that, where did you see all praises to the South Cinema from Bollywood? None. Now that “Baahubali” becomes huge, Bollywood wants to be part of the credit to this success? True that screens were shared in Bollywood too but we should accept that this is a pure gem from the South. Bollywood won’t be able to come close to this humongous production unfortunately.
    Look at Bollywood productions. They are all about lavish costumes, expensive locations and inflated egocentric artists who want big paychecks but then the movies are devoid of good content. This is what Bollywood still needs to learn – how to make good movies. This is something of the past we believe…


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