Why Are Stars Paid Such High Fees?: Komal Nahta AnswersIf script is the backbone of a film, why are stars paid such high fees?
Because the audience can see the stars, not the script, before release. In other words, a film gets initial due to star value and not due to script value. A good script definitely gives a film a longer run in the cinemas but stars attract the initial audience.

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If the Rajasthan government can abolish entertainment tax, why can’t the Maharashtra government do the same? After all, Bollywood’s nerve centre is Bombay which is in Maharashtra.
Exactly! Our question to the Maharashtra government is the same: why can’t it do what the Rajasthan government has done?

Is the industry likely to down shutters on 25th March in protest against the high level of entertainment tax?
Single-screen cinemas in Maharashtra will go on strike for a week from 25th March to demand reduction in entertainment tax.

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