We have all heard the ‘Ek Ladka Aur Ladki Kabhi Dost Nahi Ban Sakte Hai’ nonsense. But the fact is you always have that one ‘guy’ friend who is your ‘BFF’ (Best Friend Forever).


While you may have shared innumerable unforgettable moments with them, these are some typical things that you have surely done with your male BFF.

They Allow Your Bad Habits Sans Judging

They Always Think Of You As A Guy. You Are Their Male Buddy For Them.

They Will Do Anything To Cheer You Up. Silly Yet Adorable.

You Love To Mess Around With Them. Isn’t Troubling Them Just Fun? ‘Coz Har Ek Dost Kamina Hota Hai…

You Are Never Embarrassed By Their Behavior.. After All, Dost Hai Na!

You Always Have Memories With Them That You Want To Relive.

You May Bicker With Each Other.. But They Are Your ‘Most Loved People’ On Earth.

They Always Have Their Ways Of Making You Say That They Are The Best!

Though The Bestie’s Family Is A Zoo… You Totally Adore Them.

That Awkward Moment When You Date Your Best Friend. You Exchange Niceties Like “Nice Dress…Nice Tie…”

Nice Dress....Nice Tie...

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