When it comes to love, you can draw inspiration from only person. Wondering who’s the God of Bollywood romance? Well, the answer is quite simple, who other than the ‘King of Romance’ himself Shah Rukh Khan. Playing cupid to your love, we bring you SRK’S charming way of expressing his love in his various films. He may be the ‘Raj’ that you may want hop into a running train with or the innocent ‘Om’ whose pure love can win your heart.


No girl has been unaffected by the SRK charm, he is the ultimate winner of hearts who has mastered ‘Pyaar ka perfect formula’. So, what better to do this Valentine’s Day than to learn some SRK tricks to impress your girls?

We know, it’s hard to decide which character of SRK was the one you fell in love with, so here’s some of those you can never forget!

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Valentine's Day Special: Different shades of Love with the King of Romance - Shah Rukh Khan
Valentine’s Day Special: Different shades of Love with the King of Romance – Shah Rukh Khan

Art Courtesy: ravishdhanawde.blogspot.in

If you are a kid from the 90s, it is impossible for you to hate Shah Rukh Khan. All criticisms aside, the actor has refurbished his image as the ‘King of Romance’. Had it not been for SRK, Bollywood’s romance scenario in commercial films would have been very different. We make no airs about being smitten by King Khan’s dimpled smile and you shouldn’t too!

For the love of Bollywood romances or King Khan, play our simple quiz and stand a chance to win exclusive Valentine’s Day goodies!





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