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Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan


When will Aamir Khan’s television show, to be hosted by him, go on air?
Komal Nahta: If all goes as per schedule, Aamir Khan’s television show will go on air in April next year.

Will the minuscule role of Anil Kapoor in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol help him bag more films in Hollywood?
Komal Nahta: You never know, he may come in the notice of some other Hollywood makers after Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. That just could happen but, of course, it’s a gamble.

Is it true that the makers of Players are planning to add a song in the film because its music sales are not good enough?
Komal Nahta: Yes, the makers of Players will be adding a song – a remix of Jumma chumma de de  – in the film.

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  1. If ALL-INDIA-NET term is being used then why are Tamil and Telugu areas’ collections being excluded? Excluding collections mean excluding areas and at the same time, for the record, one movie that was not dubbed there is benefited by these areas’ collections and other one, as labeled Hindi version is having loss because of exclusion? Isn’t that unfair? I think it is. Aren’t our basics wrong here? Please reply!


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