When Milind Soman & Madhu Sapre Went N*de For An Advertisement
Milind Soman & Madhu Sapre Once Went N*de For An Advertisement (Photo Credit: Instagram & biographia)

Advertisements or commercials are the most influential forms of media that are used to send across a hard-hitting message. Some used it positively while some used ads ended up triggering controversy and faced the axe. One of them was the infamous Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre’s Tuff shoe advertisement.

Both models were prolific names in the industry when the brand approached them for the daring advertisement back in 1995. Since both models were in a relationship at that time, the two could pose for it with much more ease and confidence. The two had to go completely n*de for the ad.

Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre were seen holding and caressing each other, while a python was wrapped around them. Tuff Shoes were the only accessory they were seen wearing in the advertisement. This triggered a lot of controversy at that time.

The woman behind Milind and Madhu’s nude photoshoot, Elsie Nanji also spoke about the controversy. During a conversation with Economic Times, she said, “It was quite a difficult time as I felt responsible for so many people — the photographer and models. Although the ad was accepted by the client and released, I felt a lot of pressure at the time as other people had to suffer because I had chosen a particular route.”

Mumbai Mirror also quoted her as saying, “But the whole thing was unnecessary, as proved in court. The irrational judgments made by the unsensitised public caused this to have a domino effect. I feel the best thing to do in this kind of situation is not hidden. Face it head-on and take responsibility so that you can sort it out. My claim to fame is that I’ve seen Milind Soman n*ked.”

Madhu Sapre, on the other hand, also reacted to the controversy. IBTimes quoted her as saying, “I think I was shocked in the sense, I found it very funny because.. I didn’t expect it from the film industry because film is such a field or career where.. nowadays you see movies, unless and until you don’t expose and if you don’t have a se*y image, you are nowhere. I have not killed anybody, I have not robbed anybody, I don’t know what they are talking about.”

The model also said that she would take it as a professional hazard and nothing more.

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