When Meena Kumari Turned ‘The Tragedy Queen’ Even In Her Real Life!
Meena Kumari Had Turned The ‘Tragedy Queen’ In Her Real Life With Alcoholism, Debt & Loneliness – Riches To Rags #4 (PC: Wikimedia)

Meena Kumari is known to be an iconic star in the history of Bollywood. She began working as early as when she was 4-years old. Having provided with some outstanding range of films, the beauty was termed as the ‘Tragedy Queen.’ But little did anyone know that the Pakeezah actress would witness a downfall in her personal life as well.


It was due to the poor financial condition of her family that Meena was forced to work at such a young age. However, her confidence, charm and brilliant acting chops landed her with multiple roles and offers. The ever-upward career graph landed her with some masterpieces like Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam, Bahu Begum, Parineeta, Aarti amongst others.


Even if Meena Kumari was tasting nothing but success in her professional life, her personal life was a mess. Her relationship with her father was badly impacted because of her romance with director Kamal Amrohi. The late actress was even thrown out of her house, despite being the only earning member and supporting her loved ones for years!

However, love life with Kamal Amrohi wasn’t as happening either. In order to stay happily in the relationship, Meena had to abide by some rules like returning home by 6:30 PM and not having anyone in her dressing room apart from the makeup man. Amidst the troubled times, she was even linked to big names like Dharmendra, Gulzar.

Her last film was Pakeezah, the most iconic and a favourite of many. But this unfortunately was the time when Meena Kumari witnessed a big blow in her health. She was diagnosed with liver chronic insomnia. Her doctor prescribed her a small peg for brandy for peaceful nights. However, medicine soon turned into an addiction, which was also a major reason behind her death.

She was also a patient of depression. Kumari was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver in 1968. Owing to her deteriorating health, she was admitted to a hospital in March 1972. The veteran beauty went into a coma and passed away 2 days later.

As per reports, Meena Kumari left behind scores of bills when she passed away at the age of 38.

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