While shooting for Vikram Bhatt’s RAAZ 3, actress Esha Gupta was asked to rip off her clothes and scream in front of as good as crowd of 300 people. The actress was alarmed hearing this and asked the director if he could skip the scene. However, being the pivotal scene of the film, the actress had no other option left than to do it.

Esha Gupta
Esha Gupta

Recalling her experience on the sets, says Esha, “There was this scene in the film… I won’t reveal much about the situation related to it. However, would definitely like to recall the incident. The scene goes this way… Sanjana (Esha’s character’s name in the film) enters a party hall where people are enjoying the mood and having a good time… But Sanjana has totally lost it and she has no control on her state of mind due to the extensive black magic power and stuff happening to her.”

She further adds, “So, I had to wear this sexy gown. And suddenly, Sanjana starts visualizing and sees those ghosts or you can say some shadows coming towards her and just passing through her body, her hair, her ears, her eyes and from everywhere! And there I had to start screaming and just try to get rid out of it.”

“Sanjana had to get involved so much into it that she starts ripping and tearing off her clothes just to get rid out of the shadows and spirits. Now, my trouble started from there. Trust me I was just wearing a skimpy tube top and those ‘extremely short’ short pants. It was really an awkward moment to act it in front of so many people. And I just said NO to Vikram that I can’t do it, when I got to know about it. There were around 200 to 250 extras called for this scene,” she continues, “But, Vikram was very confident about it. He said, ‘I know you can do it. I know you’ll do it.’ Even my makeup artist Shaan and my friend Rik Roy they came to me. They made me relax, calmed me down and finally I gave my shot.”

“And guess what happened after the scene. Everybody liked it. People out there started clapping. I could hear my crew members saying, ‘good job’. They all appreciated me. Vikram just came and hugged me. Emraan too liked it. He said, ‘You’ve done great Esha’. What more could I have asked for!” said Esha on a parting note.

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