Players Movie Poster
Players Movie Poster

It would shock the trade to know that in today’s age and time of transparency, cinemas in stations like Kolhapur and Navsari of Bombay circuit are cheating both, distributors and patrons. Ayodhya cinema of Kolhapur charged clients for Players last week Rs. 80 for balcony, Rs. 60 for stall and Rs. 35 for first class even though the rates printed on the tickets were Rs. 60, 35 and 25 respectively and the rates declared were Rs. 70, 50 and 30 respectively. Probably, the cinema is also cheating the entertainment tax officials too. Also, the admits declared by the cinema did not match with the actual admits. The management of Jehangir cinema of Navsari, for the same film last week, charged Rs. 100, 70 and 50 per ticket of balcony, executive class and upper class instead of the printed rates of Rs. 80, 60 and 40 respectively.

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  1. Ayodha cinema is d worst cinema talkies in kolhapur……….no proper ventilation, horrible straight seats, and not such a good quality sound….if a movie is runing @Ayodhya, i would definitely wait 4 a mnth so dat it goes in Urmila talkies where d rates are 15,10 n 5 for Balcony, stall and first respectively…


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