As the new series of leaked emails of Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut have come out in the public domain. This particular email of Kangana talks about Deepika Padukone.


In these newly leaked emails, reported by Republic TV, Kangana is seen complaining about Deepika Padukone’s diplomatic behaviour where she seeks Hrithik Roshan’s help to tackle the situation and how she should respond to her behaviour.

Headline: LEAKED EMAIL! Kangana Ranaut Feels Deepika Padukone Has A Diplomatic Behaviour?
WHAT? Now Kangana Ranaut Feels Deepika Padukone Has A Diplomatic Behaviour?

As reported in a portal, the email reads,”There is nothing to feel scared about all of us are different we must understand each other and be considerate, that’s all baby. Also though i know Deepika won’t call, because that’s has been happening for past 4 days now but the fact that she said and she didn’t, starts to play on my mind and makes me depressed.”

Further, she even talked about her disorder and how Deepika’s behavior is affecting it,”Even though i know its because of my disorder that i get so serious about trivial matters but i am still feeling bad that she’s saying meaningless things. I really hope she does that or i will always feel bad about her behavior. Also i feel so agitated because this situation leaves me with many confusing questions, what should my behavior be now?” [sic].”

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Not only this, she also hinted that Deepika avoided her at times. The mail reads, ” What should i say if she says, i am calling, or are you free. If i am free i will say i am free then she will say lets meet then i will think i am meeting her then she won’t reply..I feel i will go mad, what should i do? I don’t want to meet her but if i don’t reply i feel i am not replying. See i am panicing.. i feel like crying now.”

Deepika Padukone is currently gearing up for a big release Padmavati and Kangana is busy shooting for Manikarnika.




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