John Abraham
John Abraham

Suave, sexy and extremely chivalrous, John Abraham has always been aboard for all the right reasons. But when it comes to doing films and producing them, John Abraham has always made it a point to choose niche films that give him more opportunity to deliver. Riding high on the success of Race 2, here’s John Abraham going I Me Aur Main!


You play the character of the chivalrous Ishan who is quite a Casanova in reelity. But coming to your real life scenario, how much could you relate to the character?
Well, actually my character in this film, Ishan, is a culmination of the mix of two very important people, my producer Goldie Behl and my director Kapil Sharma. (Laughs) Ishan has a both of each one of them. The chivalrous part, as mentioned, is Kapil Sharma whereas the naughty part is completely Goldie Behl. But on a serious note, it is not just me but most men would relate to this character. They are all pretty much like Ishan. You will get to see it when you watch the film.

How was it working with both Prachi and Chitrangada in the film?
I think it was a lot of fun and we had a really great time. The working experience was phenomenal, the freshness that was required on the set for such a feel good film, was always there. We worked really great as a team. Prachi Desai is completely like Gauri and she is spunky whereas Chitrangada Singh is a little more sophisticated and classy. So the blend of both served out to be really well.

You are riding really high on Race 2’s success, a film that easily raced towards the coveted 100 crore mark. So with ‘I Me aur Main’ being your baby, do you feel the pressure to deliver more than Race 2?
Given an option whether I want to do a 100 crore film or a good film, I would really want a combination of both. But if you don’t have that option of doing a combination of both, then I would rather do a good film. And I think I Me aur Main is a good film.

You have always gone on records to say that this film is a must watch for women. Why?
Because I say so (Laughs)! I am a big fan of the female audience just the way they are always so excited about me. But I am not a supporter of women liberation because I feel they are already liberated. Rather I am a big fan of women being in position or in power. I really salute the way women have shaped up or are shaping the society today. The film just reflects that. I think Kapil has very beautifully brought out the way a man’s life really improves through the women in his life. It is mainly done for the women to teach the men so that their man learns something fruitful, so it is a must watch for women.

But then there’s an entire song revamped to a complete new look made especially for you. Na Jaane Kaha se Aaya Hai is garnering huge response. How do you feel about the reactions?
It is the number one song right now, so I am happy. As an afterthought, it has become a chartbuster, so that gives me a lot of relief because when we were making this song, I didn’t know how it would shape up. For me, item numbers have always been a very gimmicky proposition but this song was true to our film, situationally very important to the plot since Ishan does not come into anyone’s hands. So it worked for us and the song’s become really popular with the youth.

What are you expecting out of this film?
As an actor I have different expectations performance wise. But I am also the co producer of the film and I feel as a producer, it is important to be Mr.Dependable. And it is very important for a producer to know that the films are a plus before we take off. This film has been made on a very smart budget and I always believe in doing that, both as an actor and a producer. You make big ideas and big ideas make big films. You don’t need to spend extravagant money and if you look at the math of this film, the film is already a profitable venture for all of us involved and we are relieved with that. But it never ends at that. What’s more important is to see that the film is well appreciated by the audience.




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