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I, Me, Aur Main
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Cast: John Abraham, Prachi Desai, Chitrangada Singh, Zarina Wahab, Raima Sen, Mini Mathur

Director: Kapil Sharma

Producer/s: Shrishti Arya, Goldie Behl

Plot: Ishaan is a charismatic, good-looking music producer from Mumbai. He lives a sheltered existence, is the centre of his life, the apple of his mother’s (Zarina Wahib) eye, always protected by his elder sister Shivani (Mini Mathur) and stays at his girlfriend Anushka’s (Chitrangda Singh’s) house. He takes them all for granted!

But there comes a day when his life falls apart like a house of cards. Fed up of his flirtatious nature and being taken for granted, his girlfriend throws him out of her house. He moves into a dilapidated house, his mother leaves his father and moves in with him, his sister and his best friend are upset with him and his new boss Beena (Raima Sen) asks him to resign. His ego is severely damaged and his confidence shaken.

At this point, his new neighbour Gauri (Prachi Desai) comes into his life and from her he learns the importance of relationships. He starts taking initiatives towards mending and maintaining his past relationships.

Ishaan begins to truly fall in love with Gauri. There comes a point when he has to make a choice between his love that made him a better person or being a better person by taking responsibility of the actions he has done in the past.

i me aur main Review
I Me Aur Main Review (I Me Aur Main Movie Poster)
I Me Aur Main Movie Poster

Rating: 2/5 stars (Two-star)

Star cast: John Abraham, Chitrangada Singh, Prachi Desai, Zarina Wahab, Mini Mathur, Raima Sen

What’s Good: Too many good looking people assembled together in the same frame.

What’s Bad: Everything that is related to the cinematic aspect of the film, a doomed script and cluttered screenplay is painful.

Loo break: Washroom will definitely look more appealing to you!

Watch or Not?: A wobbly screenplay and a faltering script gone terribly wrong, I, Me aur Main is essentially as narcissistic as the title. Don’t waste your time on this film which gloats too much over nothing substantial.

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Maa-da-ladla Ishaan Sabharwal epitomizes narcissism. Self centered to the core, the man is his own favorite, the King of his personal fantasy land. A successful music producer, he is in a live in relationship with his lawyer girlfriend Anushka.

While his girlfriend dreams to marry him, Ishaan happily parties around like a school boy in his la-la-land. One night, an exasperated Anushka breaks off her relationship with this juvenile delinquent of sorts, after Ishaan exhibits irresponsibility of the highest order.

Despite what would appear to most as devastating, Ishaan uses his breakup to inflate his ego. He moves in next door with his free spirited, chirpy neighbor Gauri, who automatically identifies Ishaan’s pulse right and keeps him aptly contained.

Ishaan’s Mom in an attempt to escape from her imposing husband moves in with him. Trying to sympathize with her heartbroken child, she nurses his appetite with pyaar bhara parathas. At work, his obnoxious boss gives him a tougher time! Ishaan surrounded by demanding women from all sides, must finally grow up!

Does Ishaan mend his three year long relationship with Anushka? Or chase Gauri, the woman who knows her way with him like no one else?

I Me Aur Main Review (I Me Aur Main Movie Stills)
Chitrangada Singh, Prachi Desai and John Abraham (I Me Aur Main Movie Stills)

I Me Aur Main Review: Script Analysis

The film fails primarily because of it’s over bearing and over ambitious script. Trying its hands at too many themes, the film appears shady and inconsistent. The story lacks depth and is maintained mostly at a superficial level. The story moves aimlessly without making a point at all. One might be seriously confused by the end of it! What was it? A romantic comedy? A break-up Satire? A sappy family saga? Or a multi themed broth gone bland. The film ends hastily which adds on to the mounting disappointment. The writer, makes Ishaan’s character even more shallow given his sudden situation based change of heart. He in fact looks even more selfish in the end than he seemed all along in the film. The script has sketchy characters who are far from reality altogether. It does to the film an irreparable damage which is impossible to be undone.

I Me Aur Main Review: Star Performances

John Abraham does his best at flaunting his bitable and chiseled hot body. Oh, such hot men shouldn’t be allowed to openly seduce critics into giving positive reviews! It’s a shame he can’t act. Though his performances have improved over time, he still hasn’t learnt the art of imbibing energy or imagination into his roles. His fans will love the film however, for the extensive skin show. I can safely put, he is somehow adequate as Ishaan.

Chitrangada Singh is too beautiful to be wasted on a film like this. No offence, but Singh is a woman of immense talent. Her acting and looks are both repetitive and this doe-eyed beauty seems to be losing her spark.

Prachi Desai does a good job as Gauri. She somehow manages to tower over both John and Chitrangada, in terms of performance. Bubbly, energetic and vivacious, she keeps her performance true to her character making it look plausible.

The talented actor Zarina Wahab is left unutilized. So is Raima Sen. The script leaves little room for their characters to amply grow, hence they fail to create any impression at all.

Mini Mathur lives up to her role, giving a boisterous performance of sorts.

I Me Aur Main Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Kapil Sharma’s directorial debut is his earnest attempt at delivering a breezy romantic comedy. His effort is visibly honest, but is held down by the wavering screenplay. The film’s editing isn’t shabbily done either. The film grossly underestimates the audiences’ taste of romantic comedies, by presenting a confused, annoying and unbelievably chaotic plot. The music isn’t bad as well but surely the end product is quite unimpressive, which fails the rest!

I Me Aur Main Review: The Last Word

I Me Aur Main is a flashy attempt to bluff audiences by putting together obviously beautiful actors in ornate celluloid frames in order to conceal a weak plot and shaky screenplay. Lock up your brains and ogle happily, in case you decide to go for the film.

I Me Aur Main Trailer

I Me Aur Main released on 1st March, 2013.

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