Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli got married to each other 2 years back on same date and it became a memorable day for fans and media both. While Anushka looked no less than an angel in her bridal dress, Virat too complimented her with his prince like looks. Their wedding pics and videos were proof that the day was no less than an event which was planned and organised straight in heaven.


Today, Virat and Anushka celebrate two years of their wedding and it’s a happy day for everyone who adores them as a couple.

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma's 2nd Anniversary: 5 Times Virushka Had Great Things To Say About Each Other
Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma’s 2nd Anniversary: 5 Times Virushka Had Great Things To Say About Each Other

Though Virat & Anushka have been married for two years only, they have been together for a long time. Before marriage, Virushka dated each other for a long time and even though they didn’t admit, it was a well-known secret.

In all these years, both of them have been asked a lot about their relationship and here’s how they have reacted down the timeline.

When Virat called Anushka is ‘Lady Luck’

It goes back to the time when both of them were not much vocal about their relationship with each other. While speaking at a chat show, Virat said, “Lady luck ka kamaal hai. You have seen me, you know I had no sense before. Ever since the lady has come into my life, she’s taught me a lot of things. I’ve learnt a lot, become more sensible in the last 4 years all because of her. She’s taught me how to be more patient and taught me how to utilise the position I am in to the fullest. At that time too, I never tried to be anyone else. I never tried to tell myself that I should be reading books etc… those are gradual things. If you like it it, you like it. So, luckily I never tried to change myself. But the flip has been because of her.”

Virat talked about an emotional moment with Anushka


Speaking about an old memory once Virat said, “During the Mohali incident, they had spoken to me already. When I hung up the phone and told her, for me it was like a flashback. From the moment I started playing in my academy till the Mohali game. I was emotional, I was in tears because I had never thought that I will see this day. What was more beautiful was that, I was able to share it with Anushka. It was something that I will always remember.”

Virat opened up about his first meeting with Anushka

“We met at commercial shoot for a shampoo. I remember my manager Bunty told me that ‘you have a brand coming up’. I was excited to be a part of it. But when I asked ‘who is it with?’, he told me ‘it’s with Anushka Sharma’. I was like ‘are you joking?’ He told me, ‘I am serious’. I thought how am I going to be in the same frame as that of a professional actor? ‘I am going to look like a fool. I have no idea how to do this.’ My manager consoled me saying, ‘It is a nice script. It will be a fun’,” Virat said on a show.

Further talking about his first interaction with Anushka he said, “The first time I met her, I cracked a joke immediately with her. I was nervous and that is why I cracked the joke, because I didn’t know what to do. Before meeting her, I was standing on set all jittery and nervous. I thought I was being funny. I just said something which wasn’t probably the right thing to say. She is tall as well and she was told that I am not 6 feet or plus and ‘you must not wear massive heels or anything’. She walked in and was looking taller than me. I said, ‘Didn’t you get a higher pair of heels than these?’ She was like, ‘Excuse me?’, I said, ‘I am just joking!’ My joke actually became a weird moment for myself. I behaved like a fool, to be honest.”

When Anushka said that she is proud of Virat

While speaking at a press interaction at a sports event, Anushka said, “I am associated with this award ceremony because my husband is associated with it. I think it’s a unique initiative where you give backing and support to upcoming and promising Indian athletes. I think Virat has given many reasons to be proud of but his foundation is another reason to feel prouder, because of the work being done. The awards ceremony covers all kinds of sports and that increases the sporting culture.”

When Anushka Sharma said that the world ceases to exist when she is with Virat

In an interview with Filmfare this year, Anushka said, “I’m married to my best friend. I’m married to my confidant. I’m married to someone I love so dearly just because of the human being that he is. You talk about being misunderstood in life and then you meet someone, who understands you completely. Then the world doesn’t exist.”

So for him and me, when we’re together, the world ceases to exist. We find solace in one another because of the similarities we share as people. Even when we were dating each other, it was the same thing. I feel extremely happy because he’s my family, she added.

We wish you a lifelong togetherness, Virushka!

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