Deepal Shaw (Vikalp Movie Wallpaper)

Star cast: Deepal Shaw, Alok Nath, Chetan Pandit

Plot: Deepal Shaw, a docile, middle class & Marathi girl from an orphanage in Kolhapur is a sort of prodigy in the field of computer education. After a humiliating incident at work, she resigns from her job. At the same time her boyfriend’s family accuses her of exploiting their son. Eager to escape from her problems, Deepal seeks refuge in Bangkok. Its just a matter of time before she realizes that she is caught in a network of internet criminals and was being used as a hacker. Unable to leave the country, she cannot even prove her identity in a foreign land.

Box-office expectations: There are no big stars in Vikalp so the expectations from the film are not very high.

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