Starting this week, we bring you tweets of Bollywood personalities and about Bollywood, for your reading pleasure. So enjoy. And you don’t need to go to Twitter if you don’t have the time. We bring the interesting, the bizarre, the intelligent, the stupid, the wise, the silly, the funny, the idiotic…. Lie back and enjoy your leisure read.

Salman Khan Hate this bloody name, Bollywood, koi naam hai kya? Disgusting. Hollywood se Bollywood naam nikla.Bollywood was fr wen Mumbai was called bombay toh kya shld it nt b called mumllywood.1 of the 1st film production  as called bombay talkie’s so call it that or Mumbai tal… Or indian cinema.Jst got a super tweet saying that it shld b caled hi fi which stands fr indian film industry (later tweet mentions, Hindi film industry). Cool name.


Anubhav Sinha (Sinha is currently directing Ra.One) Burning tires, flying off ramps, crashing through metal and glass, shattering windscreens, landing on the nose……. Man… I love cars…

Juhi Chawla Kabhi hamaare co-stars aamir and shahrukh hote the.. ab 9-year-old bacchhe hote hain..! who’ve acted in more ads than I have seen!!!

Shazahn Padamsee Thanks to u wonderful people, DTBHJ has not only rocked the weekend but also the week! Lots of love to all of u, big hug

Sushmita Sen for those who soooooo sweetly asked my valentine plans..well.. umm.. should I REALLY tell u??

Amitabh Bachchan Back from shoot of Aarakshan.. somewhat relaxed day.. but tomorrow, most trying and tense and tough.. enjoying hospitality of Bp (Bhopal).

Manoj Bajpayee Egypt reassures that there is uprising left in people.

Anupam Kher (in response to the question, ‘Can you tell me 1 line that we should say to ourselves when we fail in anything?’) Say ‘Next Time’ and smile.

Lara Dutta Between Wii boxing, yoga classes, gym workouts, power walks, and dance practice, I’m happy if I can even wriggle my toes at the end of the day!

Dev Anand Lataji, I wish you were there to see the colored screening of Hum Dono to see your bhajans in color and hear your voice in Dolby 6.1

Bipasha Basu Was watching clips of all my films and I have to say Jism is still my favourite! Everything about the film was magical :)
Whoever from media quoted me in print, saying John and me look like a boring couple, is bizarre. My real opinion, we look “SMOKING HOT”.

Shirish Kunder Joker starts shooting on Valentine’s Day. For a change, this year, I’ll be shooting on Valentine’s Day instead of flirting.

Sonakshi Sinha Want a pic? Go fly a kite… He he he. Bhool gayi!

Vivek Oberoi What an absolutely incredible experience! Today, I participated in the world’s largest mass marriage ceremony – 3634 couples from poor families!



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