Tisca Chopra takes a dig at China over Covid pandemic
Tisca Chopra Takes A Sarcastic Dig At Chinese Over COVID Pandemic

Actress-filmmaker Tisca Chopra on Wednesday took a sarcastic jibe at the Chinese for allegedly creating the coronavirus, which turned into a pandemic this year.

“Will 2021 be a better year? That depends on what the Chinese are eating now #JustSaying #2021,” Tisca tweeted from her verified account early on Wednesday.

In a separate tweet, Tisca Chopra shared a cartoon that shows vaccines raining from the sky on common people who are waiting for it eagerly. The cartoon reads: “Welcome 2021”.

Tisca Chopra keeps reminding netizens from time to time of their responsibility towards themselves and others amid the pandemic. The actress had recently shared a post on Instagram taking a dig at people who keep their mask dangling over their chin.

She wrote with sarcasm: “Breaking news! #Covid19 in India has mutated to a form that no longer affects you through the mouth and nose, it enters through your chin.. #ChinCorona is very dangerous, make sure to always wear your masks on your chins. These gentlemen got the above memo.. for the rest of us, who are we kidding??! If you are wearing a mask (as you should) then wear it the right way. #Seriously #MaskUp #MaskOnChin #ChinCorona.”

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