Tiger Shroff
Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff has stolen the hearts of many with his exceptionally mesmerizing dancing ever since his Bollywood debut Heropanti. The actor very well knows to utilize his skills apart from doing the dancing in just films. After a tribute to the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson, Tiger, now has for his fans released a single Zindagi Aa Raha Hoon Main sung by Atif Aslam and choreographed by Ahmed Khan. In an exclusive interview with koimoi, Tiger talked about his single and about his upcoming films.


It is very unusual of doing a single, after being launched as a hero; so how about this?
I wanted to do unusual things; I want to stand out because I am unusual.

How was it conceptualized?
It was my idea. I had got lot of love and appreciation from the youth specially kids and teenagers; so for me it was a way of giving them back. Starting a new life and celebrating this new life with them, so that’s how the message was born and I shared with Ahmed Khan. He loved the idea, and said how he will shoot the video and then we took it to Bhushan (Kumar) sir. He gave us the one liner, Amaal Mallik made the track and the rest is history.

Did you do something like what you have done in the video in your college days, when your friends were down and you pepped them up with your dancing?
No, I am very shy; it took me some time to open up.

How was it bringing Atif Aslam as the voice of the video?
Ahmed sir decided to bring Atif sir on board, we were lucky to have Atif sir and all thanks to Ahmed sir for, talking to Atif. Ahmed sir made Atif sir hear ‘Zindagi Aa Raha Hoon Main’ when Atif sir was singing and shooting for Badlapur’s ‘Jeena Jeena’. He really liked the track, luckily for us and agreed to sing it. For me it’s a big honor, to be standing in the same frame with Atif Aslam, huge super star, so early in my career working with somebody like that legend felt really good and I said, “He is singing a song for me, the least I can do is give my 100% and not let him down.”

Is it the martial arts that help you get the flexibility in your dancing?
I think it’s just hard work that’s all, and countless hours of practice. I have been training in these arts since I was a child so I think flexibility has helped me and also visualizing. I like to visualize actors such as Hrithik Roshan and Michael Jackson, when they are on stage they are amazing, they are taken over and I want, that when I dance, I don’t want people to look left or right, I want people only look at me not the background dancers. That’s the kind of energy I want to get on.

Do you think dancing has earned you a brownie point as an actor?
A big reason of why I got accepted with the youth is because of my skills, because I brought something new to the table, and keeping that in mind I wanted to give them a little more of it, some sort of treat and I hope it was entertaining enough for them. So far the response to the video is quiet nice.

Are you planning for another single after ‘Zindagi Aa Raha Hoon Main’?
Well, now I am busy shooting for my films. I had free time so I could express in these ways. But now I will be shooting for Baaghi, which is an action romance and is about a rebel without a cause, who finds a cause. Other than that I am simultaneously doing a super hero film Flying Sikh as well with Balaji and Remo sir is directing it.

What was the thought process behind taking both the action oriented films after ‘Heropanti’?
Heropanti wasn’t an action film, it was a social drama, but, the thing is since it was my launch I had to differentiate myself from the crowd, how is Tiger Shroff different, what is Tiger Shroff bringing to the industry that is different, why would people come and see Tiger Shroff, so keeping that in mind I had to show some of my plus points. There is three action scenes in Heropanti, in Baaghi there is more of a stronger emotional side of the character. He is slightly edgier, slightly more rebellious, he’s got darker shade. According to my character I have molded my action as well. Heropanti was lot more like cheerful happy playing around the bad guys, but here it is more serious.

Are you doing any physical training for Baaghi and Flying Sikh?
Yes, both of them are very action oriented scripts and keeping my skills in mind, how can I take it up notches in every aspect.

Coming back to Zindagi Aarha Hu Mai, when was the last time you said to yourself ‘Zindagi Aa Raha Hoon Main’?
After Heropanti there was a big gap of me being idle & not doing anything;I felt very restless but then every time I stepped out of my house I got so much love from people. I couldn’t do the things that I normally would do and I am blessed to be accepted that way. And I think every time I see them is when I tell myself Zindagi Aa Raha Hun Main.

How would you describe dance?
Dance is the most natural expression of the human body.

You are many times associated as a dancer, now being a “Hero” are you happy being written more about your dancing skills?
As of now its fine but eventually down the line I want to put all that aside and just do a role that is completely different that doesn’t require me to jump or dance. Right now it’s important for me to make that connect to the youth to the audiences and I have understood why they have accepted me is because I am different. I want to give them exactly what they want right now and then I can experiment.

Experiment, like after how many films or years?
May be after two upcoming films; I am going to give all that I have physically and then I can show them something else like how Hrithik sir did doing a film like Koi Mil Gaya.

So you seem to be a Hrithik fan?
Yes, I am Hrithik’s biggest fan. Hrithik Roshan has everything. He is one of the finest actors, one of the finest dancers, one of the finest artists we have in our country.

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