Set in 1920’s Vienna, The Nutcracker is a tale of a little girl, whose godfather gives her a special doll one Christmas Eve. Read the preview to find out more.

The Nutcracker Preview

Cast – The Nutcracker Preview


Elle Fanning, Nathan Lane, John Turturro, Shirley Henderson.

Plot – The Nutcracker Preview

The Nutcracker follows nine-year-old Mary whose dull Viennese Christmas is suddenly filled with excitement and adventure following the arrival of her beloved Uncle Albert and his gift of an enchanted nutcracker. On Christmas night, Mary’s new friend, The Nutcracker comes to life and takes her on a wondrous journey into his magical world of fairies, sugarplums and other Christmas toys which come to life. Mary soon realizes that this fantastical kingdom is facing danger from the tyrannical rule of the evil Rat King. When The Nutcracker is taken hostage, Mary and her newfound toy friends must uncover the secret of the Rat King to rescue their friend and his kingdom.




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