Luv Ka The End has an exciting item number, but not in the conventional way! It’s the male star of the film, Taaha Shah, who’s swaying his hips in drag in the Mutton song!

Initially, the song was not a part of the original plan. The makers had planned a seduction song in the climax where the heroine takes down the bad guy but they later thought that it was too clichéd. Music director, Ram Sampath, was playing with the song and said that he wanted it to be treated in a very street-like manner. Producer Ashish Patil loved the idea and got Amitabh Bhattacharya to pen some crazy lyrics for it!

The Mutton Song: Behind The Scenes (Taaha Shah, Shraddha Kapoor 'Mutton Song' Luv Ka The End Movie Stills)
Taaha Shah, Shraddha Kapoor 'Mutton Song' Luv Ka The End Movie Stills

While Amitabh had initially written the lyrics in Urdu, with lines like ‘Multiplex mein mehkhana’, they latter decided to go for Hindi and English only. It only gets better here! Singer Krishna Beura gave the song his own quirky take with a mallu waiter, chinese martial artist and even a goat’s sound! Now it’s the “item” Taaha Shah’s turn! The actor got so much into character that he would flirt the crew in his drag get-up!

Choreographer Adil Shaikh made the song unique by casting some of the classic extras in the song as a tribute to all the iconic item numbers that have preceded it. Bulbul, who was the guy with the afro singing “kullu kullu” in Laila mein Laila, Deepak from Hothon pe aise baat mein churake chali aayi.

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