Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

While many critics have panned the superstar’s Super laborious attempt of moulding himself the Rohit Shetty way, simply to deliver a 100 crore film, a Shah Rukh Khan fan out there in Kolkata presents his case as to why Chennai Express embodied the dream of every die hard fan of the star!

A Shah Rukh Khan release is nothing short of a festival for us fans, and over the years the craze has increased manifold. But this year the festival called “A Shah Rukh Khan film” reached a new fever pitch as the Baadshah of Bollywood was set to appear in a pure masala flick for the first time since  Om Shanti Om in 2007. A commoner turned cool guy in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, an Asperger’s Syndrome patient in My Name Is Khan, a super hero in Ra.One, a sequel to his 2006 hit Don in  Don 2 and finally a disgruntled lover in Jab Tak Hai Jaan. So it was about time he appeared in an out and out commercial film.


It started early this year with me offering puja at the famous Kalighat temple, Kolkata before the paid previews began their journey all across India on the 8th. The 9th of August was nothing short of a carnival. Posters were garlanded, fire-crackers were burst and the sound of drums filled the air as fans danced away awaiting for the morning show to start. If the south has Rajinikanth as a demi-god, then it’s the same for King Khan in the northern half. Some just chanted the name of their favourite superstar while others poured milk over the hoardings of the actor and then there were some who applied tikka on the forehead of the image of the star on the posters with their own blood. Finally it was show-time and a coconut, considered to be lucky omen was cracked open as everyone swarmed inside the theatre with chants of 1 2 3 4, Get on the dance floor and SRK SRK SRK.!!!

All set, the next two and a half hours was a roller-coaster ride with peals of laughter, wolf whistles, cries of appreciation, some aww moments for the girls and some “Ooos” and “aahhs” from the boys. The audience was one with film and for us devotees – our God was back in his most entertaining avatar. Nothing, absolutely nothing could have been better for us. All in all a joyous occasion where we enjoyed to the fullest.

If you still haven’t got on the train, then here are 10 reasons for you to do so –

1. The spoofs of several SRK films/characters especially the SRK-Deepika DDLJ train moment leading to a spoof of the same.

2. The communication between Rahul and Meena through their versions of famous songs.

3. Priyamani and SRK in the 1 2 3 4 Get on the dance floor number.

4. The climb up the temple stairs scene and the subtle romance.

5. The Titli song with its subtlety, Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari with its vibrancy and Tera rasta mein with its sweetness.

6. The oh-so-missed SRK monologue just before the climax which drew the loudest cheers.

7. The raw hand to hand combat with Tangabali (NikitinDheer) in the climax.

8. The extraordinary locales which has been beautifully captured.

9. SRK back as Rahul although in a quirky version and Deepika as the South Indian girl with her perfect Tamilian accent, with both having impeccable comic timing.

10. And finally – It’s a SHAH RUKH KHAN film.

So Ticket kharid ke baith jaa seat pe, Nikal na jaaye kahin Chennai Express!

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