Visibly there is little difference between Singham and Singham Returns, but definitely the venue of the scenario has changed. And that is instrumental in a lot of dynamics in the film. When Koimoi reached out to lead actor Ajay Devgn, about the differences in the franchise’s first edition and the second, the actor said, “Technically, the characteristics have remained the same. The way he operates is same. The problems he is faced with has changed. From a small town, he has come to a big city. In a small town, things can be managed because everyone knows everyone. The way Singham operates is like he won’t write an FIR, and try and rectify things, that can’t be done in Mumbai. The drama is bigger. The scale is bigger. The problem is bigger. This time it’s Mumbai.”

Ajay Devgn In still from movie Singham Returns
Ajay Devgn In still from movie Singham Returns

The action in Rohit Shetty’s films has always been progressive. As Ajay expresses, the action or the plot never takes a step back in Shetty’s franchise films.

When Rohit was asked the same, he explains, “I don’t sit and read books or talk to distributors or trade analysts. We filmmakers have a direct access to the audiences. A lady once came to me and thanked for making Chennai Express. She said every time she has to do some household chores, she plays the film for her 4 year old which keeps the child immersed for a good 2 and half hours. When we write a script for Golmaal, it will be written with a perspective that the 4 year old will now be 8. We get into the natural elements of human nature. The natural progression is put in our scripts, in film and then in our shots. There is no science behind it, it’s all nature we try to catch.”

Singham Returns is all set to return bigger tomorrow on the eve of Independence day. The film is definitely amongst one of the biggest movies this year.

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